Tips to Protect Your Home from Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world. It is not possible to predict the future course of the COVID-19 outbreak. This virus is transmitted from one person to another person via bodily fluids that float in the air after one’s cough or sneeze. In this, surfaces can also be the reason for the Coronavirus transmission.

Home Protection in Coronavirus

We cannot control the cleanliness of outside the home, such as surfaces in stores or on public transportation, But yes within our home, there are some steps we can take to protect yourself and home from the COVID-19., it’s a good time to understand how cleaning can help us to prevent the spread of this virus and what you can do to break down the risk of infection in our home.

In this coronavirus pandemic we bring to you a list of tips how to protect your home from Coronavirus. Here are experts’ advice to clean your home during the COVID19

Clean commonly touch surface:

COVID-19 is transmitted from one person to another person via bodily fluids that float in the air after one’s cough or sneeze. In this, surfaces can also be the reason for the Coronavirus transmission if you suppose to touch the surface or object that has the virus on it, and then you touch your own eyes, nose or mouth, according to the CDC.

It’s hard to say exactly how long this coronavirus will survive on surfaces. But it is recommended that clean daily high-touch surfaces around the home, such as door handles, light switches, countertops, and cabinet nobs.

Disinfects Electronic appliances:

Mobile often travels everywhere with you throughout the day, potentially it picks up germs along the way. It is something that people just ignore. use an alcohol wipe, or warm soap and water to regularly clean the surfaces of your phone.

Also, regularly disinfect other sharing electronics in your home, like landline phones, keyboards and mice, and T.V remote, etc. and especially when a sick person has been using this.

Letting sunlight into your home:

UV light helps to damage most of the microorganisms and viruses, including coronaviruses closely related to SARS-CoV-2.

Letting sun rays into your home is another way to build some pressure on viruses. Fresh air is always good for your health so you just need to open windows then you will get fresh air coming into your home which will help flush out indoor contaminants.

Take extra care for the kitchen:

The kitchen is the place where you make food for your entire family. Don’t let it make the place of viruses to reach your entire family. Practice good hygiene when it comes to food preparation. Wash your hands and utensils that you are taking in use. Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly.

Make sure to frequently clean high-touch surfaces in the kitchen, such as countertops, cabinet pulls, cutting boards, fridge handles, sink hardware and appliance handles, etc. Replace towels and washcloths every day and empty wastebaskets regularly.

Extra attention to Bathroom:

You should take extra care for the bathroom, for that you need to clean and disinfect the toilet and flush the handle regularly.

To prevent the growth of germs and bacteria avoid the use of bath towels more than once Empty bathrooms wastebaskets and disinfect every day.

You should properly clean and disinfect your bathtub and shower, with shower doors and handles. To prevent the germs you can also wash your toothbrush holder and toothbrushes and disinfect them.

Use the right way & right cleaning materials:

Before disinfecting, first, you need to clean up any grime on the surface to get the most protection from your disinfectant. Disinfectants require a period on surfaces to kill common germs and viruses. It means you must keep the surface wet with disinfectant for the recommended duration.

Not only is it important to keep your home clean, but it also important to use the right products to make sure all germs are killed. You can use cleaners with at least 70% alcohol.

Keep a dedicated pair of rubber gloves for the disinfecting process and strictly avoid to use the same for other work. For cleaning always use disinfect and boil-wash cloths. And most importantly read the instructions on the back of your disinfectant carefully.

Care of sick people at home:

If someone in your family is infected, to give the sick person a separate bedroom and bathroom if possible, Yes It may be wise to think about which room can be used for the sick member of your family. But keeping that person separate is the best way to keep other members safe.

Most importantly if you're doing a sick person's laundry, the CDC advises using disposable gloves and does not shake the laundry, which can spread germs.

Also, ensure one more thing that shared spaces in your home have good airflow so that germs and viruses can easily flush out.

Do not allow visitors:

Many countries have announced an unprecedented lockdown. Lockdown aims at diminishing the risk of infection spread. To prevent this killer virus people must avoid going out and staying at home.

In this pandemic, the best idea is to limit visitors to your home. Social distancing is a must and you have to keep away yourself from the crowd.

All this advice can help you to protect your home and your family from coronavirus. Along with this also maintain good personal hygiene. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Also practice respiratory hygiene.

Maintain social distancing. And most importantly stay informed and carefully follow advice given by your healthcare provider.

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