Real Estate in Nagpur Expanding like Never Expected Before

Napgur, the city of Oranges! Right???

Yes, of course!!!

No need to mention this specifically. The phrase ‘City of Oranges’ has become a synonym to ‘Nagpur’ - either you call it Nagpur or the city of Oranges.

However along with this years-before given identity, Nagpur is becoming much more than just the city growing heaps of Oranges. With the sectors like IT, ITes, BPO, finance, education, aviation, etc. giving preference to the city and spreading their legs in so fast, Nagpur is thriving to soon become a tier I city. And the expansion of these sectors is resulting into the fast pace development of real estate in this region.

With the city catching up fast on the real estate, a number of real estate developers Nagpur has in commercial, industrial and residential developments have already started pulling their socks up. The construction and property buying activities are pulsating since past few years like never expected before.

In all this sizable growth of property market amid the number of small and big-banner investors, NRI investors too are making notable contribution. Statistics report to have around 25 per cent of property bookings from overseas market. Along with the bookings that industrial and commercial real estate developers in nagpur have, residential real estate developers too have a number of property buying requests from NRIs.

With not only corporate campuses or towers and 5-star hotels, but also small hotels, shopping malls, multiplexes, luxury apartments and integrated townships development, real estate in Nagpur is booming as one of the major employment sectors. Reports say that it has given employment to around a lakh people, in just past two years.

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